Brand Guidelines

There are two ways for CSD students to get involved with NSSLHA—through National NSSLHA and through their NSSLHA chapter.

But many times, students don't reazlie there are differences between the two. This is most prominant when looking at membership. Students can be:

To minimize confusion, we must all do our part to follow NSSLHA's brand guidelines. Doing so allows us to look like one cohesive family, while also distinguishing between our differences.

Chapter Names

When referring to your NSSLHA chapter, please use:

  • NSSLHA Chapter at [Name of University]
  • [Name of University] NSSLHA Chapter

When referring to the national organization, please use "National NSSLHA."

Chapter Logos

Affiliated NSSLHA chapters have access to generic chapter logos, as well as college/university-specific chapter logos, which can be found on the Affiliated Chapters webpage. Affiliated chapters must use these official logos for all marketing and communications needs (social media, website, newsletters, printed materials, t-shirts, tablecloths, etc.).

If you're an affiliated chapter and cannot access your college/university-specific logo or have questions about the logo usage guidelines [PDF], please let us know.

Correct Use of Chapter Logos

Chapter Logo: Correct - No Background

No Background: The official logo consists of three elements: type, chapter identifier, and sine wave.

Chapter Logo: Correct - Customized

Affiliated Chapter: Affiliated chapters may use their university-specific logo.

Chapter Logo: Correct - Dark Background

Dark Background: When using the logo on a dark background, you may use the one-color white version of the logo.

Chapter Logo: Correct - Light Background

Light Background: When using the logo on a lighter background, you may use the one-color black version of the logo.

Incorrect Use of Chapter Logos

Chapter Logo: Incorrect - Color Change

Do Not Change Colors. The chapter identifier is pale blue and the typography and sine wave are dark gray.

Chapter Logo: Incorrect - Sine Wave

Do Not Remove the Sine Wave. The sine wave is an essential part of the official logo and may not be removed.

Chapter Logo: Incorrect - Chapter Identifier

Do Not Remove the Chapter Identifier. The chapter identifier is an essential part of the official logo and may not be removed.

Chapter Logo: Incorrect - Drop Shadow

Do Not Add a Drop Shadow. Adding extra effects will reduce the logo's readability and identity.

Chapter Logo: Incorrect - Stretched

Do Not Stretch. To ensure a strong brand identity, the proportions of the logo should never be changed.

Chapter Logo: Incorrect - Additional Elements

Do Not Add Elements. If you're pairing the chapter logo with another logo, put them side-by-side with a quarter inch between them.

Social Media Guidelines

Follow National NSSLHA on each of our social media accounts, and share our posts to make sure you're updating your chapter members with our most accurate information.

Website Guidelines

If you have a website for your NSSLHA chapter, post information about your chapter only and link to National NSSLHA's website if you want to share info about National NSSLHA's programs and activities. Do not duplicate content posted on the National NSSLHA website, as it can quickly become outdated without your knowledge.

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