National NSSLHA annually recognize outstanding affiliated NSSLHA chapters, students, faculty, and individuals/organizations who've made significant contributions to CSD programs, National NSSLHA, and their local chapters.

Chapter Honors

Chapter Honors

We love recognizing outstanding affiliated NSSLHA chapters. Celebrate your chapter's efforts and go for Gold, Silver, or Bronze Honors

2019 Chapter Recipients

Chapter Honors

Advisor Honors

They've rallied your chapter, celebrated your successes, and championed your efforts. Nominate your chapter advisor for a Chapter Advisor award!

2019 Advisor Recipients

Chapter Honors

Member Honors

You've watched your friends accomplish incredible goals. Recognize their successes and nominate them for a Member Honors award!

2019 Member Recipients

Chapter Honors

Honors of NSSLHA

You worked closely with individuals and organizations who contribute significantly to CSD. Nominate them for the Honors of NSSLHA award!

2019 Honors of NSSLHA Recipients


NSSLHA provides multiple scholarship opportunities for undergraduate and incoming graduate students—check them out!


As future audiologists and speech-language pathologists, you’re going to spend much of your time being an advocate—for your clients, for their care, and for the treatment you’re proposing. You're entering a profession that can be affected by decisions made by your state and federal legislators, so let your voice be heard.

NSSLHA at Convention

Join us at this year's ASHA Convention in Orlando, Florida!

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