Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions? We have answers! Please utilize this list of FAQs, and if there’s something we haven’t addressed, contact the National Office directly by emailing



I’m a new advisor. What resources are available to me?

We’re thrilled that you are an advisor! This webpage will help you find success in your new role. Additionally, our chapter toolkit contains many resources, tips and ideas for chapter management, growth, and programming. If your chapter is affiliated with National NSSLHA, you’ll also have access to the chapter advisor’s online community board. Check out all of our downloadable resources, including an annual programming & events calendar and checklist, one-page flyers to promote NSSLHA, and opportunities to share with your students. 

What are the roles and responsibilities of a NSSLHA advisor?

Generally, chapter advisors mentor, guide and support students elected to the executive board of their chapter and the chapter members at large. Specific roles and responsibilities are defined and determined by each school. Please consult your chapter’s bylaws.

I’m leaving my program. How do I resign as a NSSLHA advisor?

Please email and include the new advisor’s name, chapter name, email, and ASHA membership number.


How can I start a new chapter?

This webpage explains the process for starting a new chapter and the benefits of affiliating with National NSSLHA.

What are the benefits of chapter affiliation?

Affiliate your chapter with National NSSLHA for . . .

  • access to national support for chapters.
  • eligibility for the National NSSLHA Chapter Honors Program, a mark of high achievement and distinction for your chapter, department and institution.
  • an official logo for chapter use.

What are the chapter affiliation requirements?

To become affiliated, a chapter must . . .

  • have a faculty member who holds ASHA membership to serve as your NSSLHA chapter advisor.
  • identify at least four students to serve as chapter officers (students who hold the president and vice-president positions must be National NSSLHA members).
  • draft chapter bylaws (check out our template [DOC]) and submit them to the national office
  • apply for chapter affiliation.

Chapter Honors

When should our chapter apply for honors?

Chapter Honors applications open on September 15 and are due on March 31. We strongly recommend opening your application in September and updating it throughout the year with the required documentation.

Is my chapter eligible for honors?

Chapter Honors are given at Gold, Silver, and Bronze levels. Learn more about eligibility for each level.

We want to go for Gold this year. What do we need to do?

In addition to maintaining National NSSLHA chapter affiliation and posting monthly updates in the NSSLHA Community, Gold chapters must have at least 30% National NSSLHA membership within the chapter; participate in two community outreach, two legislative advocacy activities, and two diversity, equity, and inclusion activities; and donate $200 to the ASHFoundation’s NSSLHA Scholarship through chapter fundraising activities. Check the eligibility requirements for all Chapter Honors.

What are the Chapter of the Year requirements?

Chapters must apply for Chapter of the Year. Eligibility for Chapter of the Year includes being eligible for Gold Chapter Honors and, through short essays, showing a clear demonstration of commitment to increasing chapter engagement and an awareness of National NSSLHA's mission through (but not limited to):

  • Inventive chapter recruitment efforts
  • Outstanding growth in National NSSLHA membership within your chapter
  • Innovative advocacy and fundraising efforts
  • Initiatives toward supporting diversity and inclusion in CSD

The recipient is selected by National NSSLHA’s Executive Council.


Where can I find a toolkit to help us grow and manage our chapter?

National NSSLHA is here to help! Check out our chapter toolkit and self-service center where we offer tips for successful chapters, and ideas and strategies for membership recruitment and retention. Chapter leaders are encouraged to reach out to their Student State Officer (SSO) and post in the *NSSLHA Member Community, and, chapter advisors can stay in-the-know with monthly *community updates from the National NSSLHA faculty advisor and posting in the Advisor Community. *Logins required for access to online communities.

We’re looking for fundraising and event ideas. Where can we find them?

Check out our Event Idea Bank for inspiration and creativity on everything from fundraisers, service projects, networking, and collaboration to hosting fun and engaging chapter meetings (in-person and virtually).


Where can I purchase NSSLHA stoles and cords ?

Visit the ASHA Store to order NSSLHA stoles and cords Discounts are available for purchases of 6 or more stoles or cords.

We’re ordering merch with the NSSLHA logo. Do we need National NSSLHA’s permission?

Yes, please email a mock-up or artwork file to We will review it and get back to you with approval based on our logo/brand guidelines.


What comes with National NSSLHA membership?

When you join National NSSLHA, you’re empowered with the resources, tools, and support you need to succeed on your pre-professional journey. National NSSLHA members receive:

  • Access to all ASHA Scholarly Journals and a subscription to The ASHA Leader so you can ace that paper or research project.
  • The NSSLHA to ASHA Conversion Discount (graduate and doctoral students), a one-time discount of $250 off of the initial dues and fees for ASHA membership and certification. See eligibility requirements.
  • NSSLHA Updates monthly e-newsletter provides you will timely reminders, key insights, and ensures that you are in the know for all CSD student opportunities.
  • NSSLHA Member Community, so you can connect with peers, ask questions, get ideas and interact with NSSLHA members across the country and abroad.
  • Exclusive opportunities! Be eligible for NSSLHA Member Honors, which recognizes outstanding National NSSLHA members’ accomplishments and provides a cash prize; undergraduate and graduate-level scholarships; and unprecedented leadership opportunities.
  • Discounts, Giveaways . . . and Free Stuff! Go to Convention at more than half-off the regular registration rate; join ASHA Special Interest Groups (SIGs) for only $10 each; receive discounts on select products like movies, concerts, travel, food, supplies, insurance, and more.

What is the cost to join National NSSLHA?

Annual membership dues are $60. Check out all the benefits of membership!

Am I eligible for National NSSLHA membership?

Students who are currently enrolled in an undergraduate, graduate, or doctoral communication sciences and disorders (CSD) program are eligible to join National NSSLHA. Visit our Membership Eligibility page for more!

Do I have to be a member of my local campus chapter to join National NSSLHA?

No. You can join National NSSLHA even if you aren’t a member of your local campus chapter.

Can I join National NSSLHA if my local campus does not have a chapter?

Yes! As long as you are enrolled in a Communication Sciences and Disorders (CSD) program at the undergraduate, graduate level or doctoral level, you are eligible to join National NSSLHA.

Can National NSSLHA members join other professional associations? (SAA, SADA, NBASLH, etc.)

Yes! We encourage students to enroll in any professional association that help you grow and supports you in your pre-professional journey!

How can I check my membership status?

Call or contact ASHA’s Action Center for assistance.

How do I renew my National NSSLHA membership?

Simply visit our membership page to join or renew, and enjoy all the benefits of National NSSLHA. The membership year runs September 1 to August 31.

I’m graduating! Where can I purchase a NSSLHA stole and cord?

Congratulations! Visit the ASHA Store and click on “NSSLHA Items.”

Where can I find job or clinical fellowship (CF) opportunities?

Visit ASHA’s Career Portal to find career resources and a job board with audiology and speech-language pathology positions. Also, internship and clinical fellowship opportunities are posted in NSSLHA Updates, the monthly e-newsletter for National NSSLHA members.

Does National NSSLHA offer educational programs for CSD students?

Yes! Throughout the academic year, National NSSLHA hosts virtual events on a variety of topics for CSD students at the undergraduate, graduate and doctoral levels. We cover topics important to your success, including career preparation, applying to grad schools, and diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). Visit our Virtual Events page for upcoming events and recordings of past events and follow National NSSLHA on Instagram (@national_nsslha) for the latest events and updates.

NSSLHA to ASHA Conversion Discount

What is the NSSLHA to ASHA Conversion Discount?

Simply put, it’s a great way for graduate and doctoral students to save lots of money! The NSSLHA to ASHA Conversion Discount is an exclusive, one-time discount of $250 off the initial dues and fees for ASHA membership and certification for students who were National NSSLHA members for the last 2 years, including their graduation year, of their graduate or doctoral program.

Am I eligible to receive the conversion discount?

If you are a member of National NSSLHA for the last 2 years of your graduate or doctoral program—including the year you graduate—you are eligible. Then, your next step is to submit application for ASHA membership and certification (and automatic application of the Conversion Discount) online before August 31 (up to the year after you graduate) to receive the discount.

To learn more about the eligibility requirements, visit NSSLHA to ASHA Conversion Discount.

Contact ASHA’s Action Center to confirm your eligibility.

How do I get the discount?

The conversion discount is automatically applied when you submit your application for ASHA membership and certification.

Am I eligible for both the ASHA New Professional Membership Package and the Conversion Discount?

Eligible National NSSLHA members automatically receive both the Conversion Discount and the ASHA New Professional Membership Package.

Is there a deadline to apply for the NSSLHA to ASHA Conversion Discount?

You must pay for your ASHA membership and certification application by August 31 (up to the year after you graduate) to receive the discount.

Can I purchase last year’s membership if I missed it?

No, only the current membership year (2024) is available for purchase. Our current membership year is available for purchase from September 1, 2023, to August 31, 2024.

If I’m not eligible, are there other ways I can save?

Yes! ASHA’s New Professional Membership Package gives up to 24 months of ASHA membership to recent master’s and doctoral graduates who apply for ASHA membership and certification from January 1 to August 31. Applicants receive membership through December 31 of the following year.



Where can I find scholarships for graduate and doctoral students?

Up to three graduate student scholarships, underwritten by the ASHFoundation’s NSSLHA Scholarship Fund, are given to undergraduate senior students with active National NSSLHA memberships and who will begin graduate study in the fall of the current year. National NSSLHA also updates this list of known scholarship opportunities for CSD students.


Does National NSSLHA offer scholarships to undergraduate students?

Yes! National NSSLHA offers ten scholarships for undergraduate students – six $1,000 scholarships for undergraduate juniors and four $500 scholarships for undergraduate sophomores. The application period runs September 1 through December 31. National NSSLHA also updates this list of known scholarship opportunities for CSD students.

Do I need a letter of recommendation for National NSSLHA’s undergraduate scholarship?

No, but you will need a reference to complete this questionnaire [link], which helps evaluate undergraduate scholarship applicants using a Likert Scale. The questionnaire was implemented in 2023 to make the scholarship application process easier and faster for students and faculty.

Volunteer Leadership Opportunities

I’m interested in leadership opportunities with National NSSLHA. What opportunities are available?

National NSSLHA offers more than 100 student leadership positions that will help you grow, use your voice to shape the Association, and represent CSD students at the state or national level. Learn more! The student leadership application period runs November 1 through April 12.

How can I write for the NSSLHA Blog?

We encourage students to share perspectives, tips, and advice with fellows CSD students, and the NSSLHA Blog is a great way to do it! Simply complete the Blogger Application and Agreement form to get started.

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