Establishing Committees

One way to reach your chapter's goals—big or small—is to establish committees. Ideally, all members should serve on at least one committee so they feel invested and engaged in chapter activities.

Carve out time in your regular chapter meetings for committees to get together. Arrange the room with small tables where each committee of 3–5 members (or more, depending on how big your chapter is!) can sit. Assign committees an activity that needs to be planned, a problem that needs to be solved, or a goal that needs to be reached.

Example of a Committee Action Plan

Meeting 1: Define the Activity, Problem, or Goal

What is it? What does success look like? How will you measure it? Who decides if this is an approved activity (the chapter membership as a whole, chapter leaders, the committee)?

Meeting 2: Design the Solution

Identify deliverables and deadlines, make assignments, and set milestones.

Meeting 3: Check the Schedule

Report back on what's been done and what remains. Depending on the progress, you may need to develop a revised schedule.

Meeting 4: Evaluate

Once the project's activity, solution, or goal is complete, discuss key learnings. Include an evaluation that details the process, lessons learned, and results. Keep the learnings in your chapter's archives so future committees can review and learn from them.

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