2021 Chapter Advisor Honors Recipients

Continued Commitment

Dr. Lillian Stiegler, CCC-SLP
Southeastern Louisiana University
“Dr. Stiegler has served as our NSSLHA Chapter Advisor for 25 years—always emphasizing the importance of advocacy, voting, philanthropy, and service. She has a visible and contagious love for speech-language pathology, which spreads like wildfire through her students and chapter members. This year, she motivated us to overcome obstacles created by COVID-19 and encouraged us to launch a mentorship program. This helped us build relationships within the CSD program, as well as connect us virtually with audiologists and SLPs across the world. With her leadership, our chapter has received National NSSLHA Chapter Honors award multiple times times, including Chapter of the Year in 2004; as well as our university’s Award of Excellence twice. This is Dr. Stiegler’s last semester at Southeastern Louisiana University before retiring. We honor her efforts and achievements, and truly believe she deserves this award.” — Mary Grace Kelley

Making Waves

Dr. Jeridy Oetken, CCC-SLP
Kansas State University

“NSSLHA’s core values are apparent in Dr. Oetken’s leadership—consistently demonstrating the values of philanthropy, education, and advocacy (in particular). She personifies the “sky’s the limit” perspective and encourages our chapter officers and members to believe it too. Dr. Oetken’s taught us that if we’re willing to be creative, resourceful, and dedicated, there are few boundaries to what we can achieve. She’s set a new standard for our chapter and her leadership will undoubtedly bring positive change for years to come.”
— Annie Taggart



Previous Recipients

  • Continued Commitment: Mitzi Ritzman, PhD, CCC-SLP; University of Nebraska, Omaha
  • Making Waves: Jenna Silver Luque, PhD, CCC-SLP; University of Florida (Online Chapter)
  • Continued Commitment: Diane Constantino, CCC-SLP, BCS-F; Boston University
  • Making Waves: Kris Foyil, PhD, CCC-SLP; University of Texas
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