2023 Chapter Advisor Honors Recipients

Continued Commitment

George Pagano, M.S., CCC-SLP
Long Island University (LIU), Brooklyn
“Professor Pagano is . . . the backbone of the LIU-Brooklyn NSSLHA Chapter. [His] unwavering dedication, leadership, and guidance over the past 10 years have had a tremendous impact on our chapter and its members. He has empowered our student body to serve our profession by becoming advocates, National NSSLHA leaders, researchers, and dedicated clinicians. He is the driving force behind all events and ideas the chapter undertakes. The enthusiasm and joy that he has for helping others in this field are remarkable and unparalleled. His passion for speech-language pathology is infectious. Anyone who has the privilege to interact with him will agree.”

Making Waves

Tara Marshall, M.S., CCC-SLP
Fort Hays State University

“She is the person that we take our questions to first when we have them, and she always will find an answer or will help us seek one out. She encourages students to not only get involved in our university’s NSSLHA chapter, but also in the state and national NSSLHA leadership positions or finds other ways for students to step into leadership roles within our group. For example, she helped our NSSLHA chapter create about seven committees that students are able to step into and coordinate events within those groups. Tara Marshall is more than deserving of this award and recognition as she juggles many different roles with grace and a smile. She is the backbone of our FHSU NSSLHA chapter and an unparalleled instructor and mentor to her students.”

Previous Recipients

  • Continued Commitment: Leslie Grubler, MA, CCC-SLP, CUNY, Lehman College
  • Making Waves: Dr. C. Melanie Schuele, Ph.D. CCC-SLP, Vanderbilt University
  • Continued Commitment: Dr. Lillian Stiegler, CCC-SLP, Southeastern Louisiana University
  • Making Waves: Dr. Jeridy Oetken, CCC-SLP, Kansas State University
  • Continued Commitment: Mitzi Ritzman, PhD, CCC-SLP; University of Nebraska, Omaha
  • Making Waves: Jenna Silver Luque, PhD, CCC-SLP; University of Florida (Online Chapter)
  • Continued Commitment: Diane Constantino, CCC-SLP, BCS-F; Boston University
  • Making Waves: Kris Foyil, PhD, CCC-SLP; University of Texas
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