Virtual Grassroots Advocacy

Grassroots advocacy is an easy way for anyone to get involved in advocacy efforts—and it's easy to do virtually too!

Learn about current issues impacting the professions, contact your legislators and government officials, and tell them your story.

You can get involved in grassroots advocacy at the local, state, and/or federal levels.

Here's how . . . 

Send Messages Virtually to Your Legislators

In just 3 minutes, you can advocate for issues that'll impact your future as an audiologist or speech-language pathologist:

  1. Visit ASHA's Take Action webpage.
  2. Click the link of the issue you're passionate about.
  3. Fill in your info.
  4. Click "Send Message" and your letter will automatically send to your member(s) of Congress!

Organize a Chapter Event

Advocating is more fun when you do it as a group! So why not organize a virtual "dinner" or set aside time during a chapter meeting for members to submit Take Action letters on their laptops! It’s a great way for members to talk to each other about why it’s important for them to advocate.

Need to incentivize your members to participate? Think about offering them a gift card for a “piece of pizza for a piece of their time,” or a donut so they, “donut forget about advocacy.”

Invite Legislators to Your Next Zoom Chapter Meeting

Getting virtual face time with your legislators allows you the opportunity to explain why issues are important to you, your future patients, and your future professions. Here are some tips to get you started in the planning process:

  • After getting approval from your NSSLHA chapter advisor, program director, and university officials, reach out to your legislator’s local office to request a virtual visit, then submit a written meeting request.
  • Once your meeting is scheduled, confirm your appointment 1-2 weeks before the date.
  • Learn as much as you can about your representatives’ background—political party, congressional committees they serve on, and personal facts. This can provide insights into their point of view.
  • Select 1 or 2 issues to focus on and do your research. Prepare your chapter members to talk about the details of each issue, and include how they affect you, your future patients, and the professions. Use this as an opportunity to engage with your legislatures—ask them questions too!
  • After your virtual meeting, send a thank you letter re-emphasizing key points talked about during the meeting.

Get Social

Many students aren't even aware of the issues that'll impact them as future professionals. So, once you advocate, share your experience and knowledge with friends and fellow CSD students through social media!

If you take a screenshot of the Zoom meeting with your legislator, don't be afraid to post it on social! When you do, be sure to:

  • Thank them for meeting with you.
  • Mention the issue(s) you talked about.
  • Tag them (if they're on social).

Whenever you post on social, please use the hashtags #NSSLHAadvocates #StudentAdvocacyDay and/or #VirtualAdvocacyDay, so we can see and share all of the awesome advocacy work you're doing!

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