Member Honors Recipients



Excellence Award—Audiology

Paige Wulliger_Execellence AuD_Circle.png
Paige Wulliger
University of Cincinnati

Excellence Award—Speech-Language Pathology

Rebeca Mora_Excellence SLP_Circle.png
Rebeca Mora
CUNY, Lehman College

Rising Leader—Audiology

Jayden Williams_Rising Leader AuD_Circle.png
Jayden Williams
University of Oklahoma, Health Sciences Center

Rising Leader—Speech-Language Pathology

Christopher Quintana_Rising Leader SLP_Circle.png
Christopher Quintana
California State University, Fullerton

Legislative Liaison of the Year

Heather Schmoll_Legislative Liaison_Circle.png
Heather Schmoll
California State University, Long Beach

Speaking Out and Being Heard

Floralida Cabrera_Speaking Out and Being Heard_Circle.png
Floralida Cabrera
CUNY, Lehman College
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