Raw Conversations

Book Club Discussion


Thursday, March 25
8:00-9:00 p.m., EST
Free Virtual Zoom Event


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About This Event

Join National NSSLHA and CSD students from across the country for our next Raw Conversation—a book club discussion! We'll discuss Why Are All the Black Kids Sitting Together In the Cafeteria?, by Beverly Daniel Tatum, PhD, and explore how racial discrimination impacts society and CSD education.

Please read the book before the event. Then, come ready to share your thoughts and takeaways with other CSD students.


  • Summarize and understand key points from the book.
  • Discuss ways to apply key points as students in CSD programs.
  • Demonstrate a deeper understanding of anti-racism.
  • Discuss strategies to address systemic racism within academic and clinical settings.


This interactive session is intended for all CSD, audiology, and speech-language pathology students, as well as NSSLHA chapters, at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

We ask that faculty, staff, and current professionals do not register for this event in order to allow students the safe space necessary to discuss this sensitive topic with their peers. We appreciate your understanding.


This virtual session will not be recorded due to limitations of the Zoom format while using the breakout rooms feature.

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