Executive Council Meeting Report

March 11–12, 2018

The NSSLHA Executive Council (EC) met March 11–12, 2018, at the National Office in Rockville, Maryland. Here, you’ll find the Summary Report of the meeting.

Executive Council members in attendance were President Katie Schramm, President-Elect Teigan Beck, Vice President for Planning Charlotte Miller, Vice President for Academic Affairs Sally Wilson, Vice President for Student State Officers (SLP) Margaret Pierce, Vice President for Student State Officers (AuD) JJ Whicker, Vice President for Government Relations and Public Policy Michelle D’Mello, Vice President for Audiology Programming Erica Gardner, Vice President for Speech-Language Pathology Programming Sarah Sadler, and NSSLHA National Advisor Sonja Pruitt-Lord.

Vice President for Finance Tatiana Windley attended via GoToMeeting.

Program Director Tracy White, Program Manager Sara Mischo, and ASHA Chief Staff Officer for Operations Kyle Vickers were in attendance.

Opening Remarks

The spring 2018 NSSLHA Executive Council business meeting was called to order at 5:00 p.m. on Sunday, March 11, 2018, by President Schramm.


ASHA Chief Executive Officer Arlene A. Pietranton joined the meeting to discuss the effectiveness of the student leadership opportunities of the EC members with ASHA Board of Directors and committees.

Vice Presidents for Student State Officers Update

Pierce and Whicker gave an update about discussions held during the ASHA Advisory Council meeting, including current issues facing the professions and current happenings within NSSLHA.

Generative Discussion

Gardner and Sadler led a discussion about content needs for the NSSLHA Lounge at the 2018 ASHA Convention. D’Mello led a discussion about the Chapter Honors and NSSLHA Loves programs. Miller led a discussion about the needs and gaps within peer mentoring. Wilson led a discussion about professional development. Beck led a discussion about other related student organizations’ activities and programs.

Each discussion started with the EC lead giving a background/overview of each offering and posing three questions to the EC. Each EC member had time to think about the information on their own, share their ideas with another EC member, then discuss as a group.

Election Update

White and Mischo shared an update on the EC/RC election application process, promotion plan for applications and voting, slate selection process, and contingency plans.

New Leadership Transition Plans

Schramm and Pruitt-Lord shared information about the upcoming EC/RC on-boarding process and creating Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for the new leadership transition plans.

National Office Update

White and Mischo shared an update about the National Office’s 2018 goals—growing membership through chapter engagement and marketing.

Book Discussion

Schramm led a discussion and activity about emotionally intelligent leadership. EC members discussed how they maintain flexibility and take initiative through their student leadership positions and in their personal lives.

Executive Council Updates

President-Elect—Beck shared an update about meeting with the Committee on Leadership Cultivation (CLC) this week, and presenting leadership opportunities at the upcoming ASHA Connect conference and ASHA Convention through the CLC.

Vice Presidents for Programming—Gardner and Sadler shared that they will compile everyone’s feedback from the Generative Discussion about the NSSLHA Lounge at Convention and will report back at the April EC meeting.

Vice President for Academic Affairs—Wilson shared an update about awarding the Undergraduate Scholarships, and drafting a Student's Say article for The ASHA Leader.

Vice President for Planning—Miller shared an update about the Multicultural Issues Board (MIB) submitting a proposal for a resume-building workshop at Convention.

Vice President for Government Relations and Public Policy—D’Mello shared an update about ASHA's change from the title “Government Relations and Public Policy” (GRPP) to “Government Affairs and Public Policy” (GAPP), and how GAPP drafted a public statement about school safety.

National Advisor Update

Pruitt-Lord advised the EC about being aware of how to communicate information accurately, and updated the EC about the overall agenda for the next EC meeting.

Closing Remarks

The meeting was adjourned at 11:48 a.m. on Monday, March 12.


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