Executive Council Meeting Report

November 19, 2016

The NSSLHA Executive Council met on November 19, 2016. Here you'll find the Summary Report of the meeting.

Executive Council members in attendance were President Chelsea Walker, Vice President-Elect Katie Schramm, Vice President for Finance Tatiana Windley, Vice President for Academic Affairs Sally Wilson, Vice President for Student State Officers (AuD) Madison Saunders, Vice President for Student State Officers (SLP) Margaret Pierce, Vice President for Audiology Programming Erica Gardner, Vice President for Government Relations and Public Policy Garrett Nathan, Vice President for Speech-Language Pathology Programming Melanie Riland, Vice President for Planning Katrina Killian, and National NSSLHA Advisor Kathy Shapley.

President's Opening Remarks

President Walker welcomed the Executive Council and opened the meeting promptly at 8:00 a.m.

National Office Updates

In addition to welcoming the Council, NSSLHA Program Director Tracy White shared NSSLHA programming and operational updates. The NSSLHA Program Manager position will be posted in January, with the hope of hiring someone in Q1 of 2017. NSSLHA is still exploring opportunities for non-dues revenue including list sales.

NSSLHA Experience Updates

Riland, NSSLHA's Vice President for Programming—Speech-Language Pathology, and Gardner, NSSLHA's Vice President for Programming—Audiology, this year's chairs for the NSSLHA Experience, led a discussion to review the strengths and areas of improvement for the NSSLHA Experience. They followed up the discussion with brainstorming for next year's NSSLHA Experience and will be posting on the NSSLHA Community site to solicit member ideas.

Discussion of Chapter Honors Programs

Walker led a discussion about the new requirements for NSSLHA Chapter Honors. The team will monitor the chapter engagement in this opportunity and will revisit the topic in future Executive Council meetings.

Reporting Out From Executive Council Members

Executive Council members provided updates about their mentorship experiences with American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) Board of Director members along with the ASHA Committees on which they serve.

Meeting With 2017 ASHA Convention Co-Chairs

Anita Vereb, ASHA's audiology Convention co-chair, and Mary Casper, ASHA's speech-language pathology Convention co-chair, met with the Executive Council to get a student's perspective on this year's Convention and to gather input on the 2017 Convention planning process. The 2017 ASHA Convention will be held in Los Angeles, California, on November 17–19, 2017.

Meeting With ASHA Presidential Team

Jaynee Handelsman, ASHA's president, Judy Page, ASHA's past-president, Gail Richard, ASHA's president-elect, and Arlene A. Pietranton, ASHA's chief executive officer, met with the Executive Council to discuss NSSLHA's restructure and how the organization has progressed over the year. Everyone in both organizations is pleased with the progress NSSLHA has made this year.

Generative Discussion

The Executive Council engaged in a budgetary discussion of discontinuing some operational activities and taking those savings and developing more member benefits.

Closing Remarks

The meeting was adjourned at noon.


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