IDEA Work Group Position Description

The Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Action (IDEA) Work Group provides support to National NSSLHA's 2020-2022 Strategic Plan (Goals 1 and 3). IDEA's primary responsibilities are to:

  • increase opportunities to better engage and retain multicultural (minority) students,
  • provide support for students from all intersectionalities, and
  • increase opportunities to educate CSD students about cultural competence and cultural humility.

There are no more than 10 members of the IDEA Work Group, including 2 members from the Executive Council.

Meet Your 2021-2022 IDEA Work Group


One year. IDEA Work Group member terms run September through August.

Time Commitment

Approximately 3-5 hours per month.


Travel is not a requirement of the IDEA Work Group member positions. Travel costs are not covered by National NSSLHA.

Primary Responsibilities and Growth Opportunities

Desired Personal and Professional Characteristics

Ability to . . .

  • Show interest in issues related to inclusion, diversity, equity, cultural competence, and cultural humility in CSD.
  • Listen, analyze, and think strategically and creatively.
  • Work well with people individually and in a group.
  • Consider multiple viewpoints about controversial issues, while being sensitive and tolerant.
  • Ask questions, take responsibility, be responsive, follow through on given assignments, and evaluate yourself.
  • Be honest, friendly, patient, and have personal integrity.
  • Communicate National NSSLHA's perspectives effectively with members and stakeholders.
  • Develop a sense of values and concern for National NSSLHA's development.
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