Legislative Advocacy

You've chosen a profession that's impacted by legislation that can affect your pay and the services an individual can receive. Be empowered to speak up and be heard!

NSSLHA's Student Advocacy Day—October 10, 2018

Join forces with fellow CSD students and NSSLHA chapters to make your collective voice be heard on NSSLHA's Student Advocacy Day. On this day, connect with your members of Congress about the federal-level issues that are most important to you and the professions.

ASHA's Virtual Advocacy Day—March 4, 2019

Join ASHA members during Hill Day by participating in ASHA's Virtual Advocacy Day. Support the group's greater message and tell Congress about the federal-level issues important to the CSD fields.

State Association Event

In addition to getting involved at the federal level, it's essential to get involved at the state level too. The best way to do this is by getting involved with your state association! They're your best resource for info related to state licensure, regulations, and upcoming issues. Often, state associations will schedule meetings with local and state representatives to advocate for the professions. So, getting involved with your state association is a great way to jump into advocacy, as well as network with your future colleagues.

Take Action

Can't participate in one of the events mentioned above? Organize a time for your chapter to get together and reach out to members of Congress through ASHA's Take Action website.

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