Bulk Membership Invoicing

CSD programs and/or NSSLHA chapters can take advantage of National NSSLHA membership benefits for all of their students by participating in National NSSLHA membership bulk invoicing.

Benefits of Bulk Membership Invoicing

Submitting Bulk Membership Invoicing

To submit National NSSLHA bulk membership invoicing for your CSD program and/or NSSLHA chapter:

  • Complete the Bulk Payment for National NSSLHA Membership spreadsheet [DOC]
    If a student is not already a National NSSLHA member, please ask them to complete a membership application, which will generate a user ID number and invoice. Then, add the information to the spreadsheet and we'll apply the payment once we receive it from your organization.
  • To pay by credit card, please email the spreadsheet to nsslha@asha.org. You will be sent an invoice as well as instructions to pay over the phone.
  • To pay by check, please mail the spreadsheet and your organization’s check to:
    National NSSLHA
    PO Box 1160 #408
    Rockville, MD 20849
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