Event Idea Bank

Whether planning your next chapter meeting, or organizing a social or fundraising event, we've got some ideas for you.


Consider the needs and interests of chapter members when planning your meetings.

Ice Breakers

  • Guess Who: Ask members to write their name on a piece of paper along with three little-known facts about them. Throughout the meeting, read a member's facts without disclosing their name. Let everyone guess who you're describing.
  • Two Truths and a Lie: Ask each member to tell three quick facts about themselves (one is a lie). Let everyone guess which is the lie.
  • Why, in Six Words: Ask each member to share why they chose your school or major (in just six words!).

Knowledge Sharing

  • Provide info about National NSSLHA membership (including the difference between chapter and National membership).
  • Provide info about National NSSLHA and ASHA resources (Learning Modules, ASHA Practice Portal, and ASHA journals).
  • Hold a video conference call with National NSSLHA's National Advisor or one of our Executive or Regional Council members.
  • Plan to attend the ASHA Convention (or other local/state-level conventions).
  • Host a faculty lecture series.
  • Host a grad school application session, with Q&As.
  • Host a Praxis prep session.
  • Host a session on the Clinical Fellowship and/or Externship processes.

Real-World Prep

  • Host a "Great Debate" over a professional topic.
  • Arrange demonstrations.
  • Host a clinical exchange—students can share client experiences/methodologies.
  • Put together a panel of recent graduates to talk about their real-world experiences.
  • Hold a faculty lecture series—students can vote on topics of discussion.
  • Invite local alumni to share their Clinical Fellowship and/or Externship experiences.

Chapter Membership Recruitment and Retention

  • Hold a membership drive.


With Chapter Members

  • Welcome-back gatherings at the beginning of each semester
  • Homecoming activities
  • Block seating at sporting events
  • Faculty appreciation day
  • Potluck meals
  • Ropes courses
  • Game nights
  • Field trips to professional settings (NICU, rehab hospital, nursing home, etc.)
  • Banquet honoring graduating seniors and/or graduate students

With Students in Allied Organizations

  • Gatherings with students from allied organizations (physical therapy, occupational therapy, special education, etc.) on campus.
  • Friendly sports competitions (NSSLHA chapter versus another allied organization on campus)

With Professionals

  • Events with audiologists and speech-language pathologists within your community


Raise funds to go toward chapter operations and/or donations needed for the NSSLHA Loves campaign and the ASHFoundation's NSSLHA Scholarship (both required for National NSSLHA Chapter Honors).

  • Auction and/or raffle (solicit giveaway items from area merchants)
  • Talent show (charge admission)
  • Athletic event (e.g., student versus faculty volleyball game)
  • 5K walk/run
  • Sales (e.g., baked goods, candy, flowers, fruit, T-shirts)
  • Car wash

Service Projects

Consider organizing service projects that will have a large impact on your local community.

  • Client party for children who attend your clinic
  • Talk-a-thon to benefit individuals with communication disorders
  • Adult spelling bee to increase awareness of language disorders
  • Read to children in libraries, pediatric clinics, and/or schools
  • Support groups for individuals with communication disorders
  • On-campus hearing screenings
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