SSO Position Description

Student State Officers (SSOs) work closely with the Executive Council's Vice President of Student State Officers in their region as National NSSLHA brand ambassadors. Their role is to disseminate accurate and timely information about National NSSLHA; and build relationships and liaise with chapters, members, and state speech-language-hearing associations.

Similar to ASHA's Committee of Ambassadors, National NSSLHA's goal is to have 1 audiology Student State Officer (AuD SSO) and 1 speech-language pathology Student State Officer (SLP SSO) from each state, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico.

Leadership applications for 2024-2025 are open now.

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One year. SSO terms run September through August.

Time Commitment

Approximately 8-10 hours per month.


Travel is not a requirement of SSO positions. Travel costs are not covered by National NSSLHA.

Primary Responsibilities and Growth Opportunities

Be Informed

SSOs must be knowledgeable of National NSSLHA's Mission, Vision, Core Values, Strategic Plan, Bylaws, chaptersmembershipprograms, and governance structure.

Provide Guidance to NSSLHA Chapters

Through various forms of communication (email, phone calls, teleconference, group chats, social media, visits, etc.), SSOs will develop relationships with affiliated NSSLHA chapters in their state/territory and relay accurate and updated information about:


With the Vice President for Student State Officers in Their Region

SSOs will participate in monthly conference calls with their region's Vice President for Student State Officers and other SSOs in their state. Working closely to:

  • Identify, analyze, discuss, and prioritize issues of concern to NSSLHA members and/or affiliated NSSLHA chapters.
  • Discuss issues that need to be considered as National NSSLHA engages in new programming and activities.
With NSSLHA Chapters

SSOs will encourage and facilitate collaboration between affiliated and non-affiliated NSSLHA chapters in their state.

With State Associations

SSOs are encouraged to build relationships and grow student involvement within their state speech-language-hearing associations, and keep their chapters apprised of current student issues at the state association level.

With National Office Staff

Occassionally, there may be opportunities for SSOs to contribute to National NSSLHA Blog posts and/or social media outreach.

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