EC Position Descriptions

Members of the National NSSLHA Executive Council (EC) represent the CSD student body by:

There are 12 positions on the EC, which closely mirror the ASHA Board of Directors positions.

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Two years, unless otherwise indicated. EC terms run July 1 through June 30.

Time Commitment

Approximately 20 hours per month (excluding travel). Some months have heavier time commitments over others, depending on National NSSLHA programming and activities.


Travel to/from the annual ASHA Convention and/or 2-4 in-person or virtual meetings at the National Office is required. Opportunities to attend additional meetings and/or conferences may be offered, but not required. Subject to change. Travel costs are covered by National NSSLHA.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Be informed about, contribute to, and support National NSSLHA's Mission, Vision, Core Values, Strategic Plan, Bylaws, and programs.
  • Initiate, review, and participate in votes that support National NSSLHA's Strategic Plan, Bylaws, annual budget, and programming.
  • Assist in carrying out fiduciary responsibilities.
  • Prepare for, attend, and participate in all EC and ASHA committee meetings.
  • Write a National NSSLHA Blog post or collaborate with National Office staff on social media outreach.

Growth Opportunities

  • Serve as a liaison and bring the student perspective to an ASHA committee.
  • Work with and be mentored by members of the ASHA Board of Directors.
  • Attend the annual ASHA Convention and/or 2-4 in-person or virtual meetings at the National Office. Opportunities to attend additional meetings and/or conferences may also be offered. Subject to change.

Additional Opportunities

  • National NSSLHA’s Strategic Plan is reevaluated on a 3-year cycle. The next evaluation period will be during the 2025-2026 term.
  • Serve on a National NSSLHA work group or committee, as needed.
  • Prepare and/or present information at meetings on behalf of National NSSLHA, as needed.

Desired Personal and Professional Characteristics

Ability to ...

  • listen, analyze, and think strategically and creatively.
  • work well with people individually and in a group.
  • consider multiple viewpoints about controversial issues, while being sensitive and tolerant.
  • ask questions, take responsibility, be responsive, follow through on given assignments, and evaluate yourself.
  • be honest, friendly, patient, and have personal integrity.
  • communicate National NSSLHA's perspective effectively with members and stakeholders.
  • prepare for, attend, and participate in EC and committee meetings (including conference calls).
  • develop certain skills if you don't possess them, such as understanding financial statements and details of National NSSLHA's programming.
  • develop a sense of values and concern for National NSSLHA's development.

President and President-Elect

The President and President-Elect shall represent opposite professions (1 audiology, 1 speech-language pathology). Both positions serve as an EC liaison on an ASHA committee.


Two years: 1 year as President-Elect, then automatically 1 year as President.

Responsibilities of the President

  • Serve as chair of the EC, ensuring that the EC fulfills its responsibilities for the governance of National NSSLHA.
  • Work in partnership with NSSLHA's National Advisor and Program Director to
    • achieve National NSSLHA's mission;
    • prepare for, run, and participate in all EC meetings;
    • ensure that the EC resolutions are carried out.
  • Serve as the official spokesperson for National NSSLHA.
  • Maintain relationships with volunteer leaders of related organizations.
  • Prepare the President-Elect to transition into leadership.

Responsibilities of the President-Elect

  • Collaborate with the President to learn the role, become familiar with National NSSLHA's governance structure and programs, and develop and facilitate officer transition.
  • Review the agenda and support materials prior to EC meetings, committee meetings, and conference calls.
  • Support the President, as needed.
  • Represent National NSSLHA on behalf of the President, as needed.

Vice President for Academic Affairs

  • Identify and support issues regarding undergraduate and graduate education in audiology and speech-language pathology.
  • Facilitate and report on NSSLHA scholarship programs.
  • Serve as the EC liaison on ASHA's Academic Affairs Board.

Vice President for Finance

  • Serve as National NSSLHA's treasurer; responsible for monitoring financial operations, including annual income and expenditures.
  • Report on the financial position of NSSLHA at EC meetings, and/or when called upon.
  • Present the annual budget to the EC for approval.
  • Assist in developing non-dues revenue offerings for NSSLHA members.
  • Serve as the Co-Chair of the IDEA Work Group.
  • Serve as the EC liaison to ASHA's Financial Planning Board.

These tasks will be accomplished through a close working relationship with the National NSSLHA Senior Director and ASHA National Office staff.

Vice President for Government Affairs and Public Policy (GAPP)

  • Assist in developing student advocacy activities concerning the welfare of students, professionals, and those being served in the professions of audiology and speech-language pathology.
  • Promote education, understanding, and support among members of NSSLHA regarding the needs and rights of individuals with communication disorders.
  • Coordinate and facilitate legislative and advocacy activities for the National NSSLHA EC.
  • Serve as the EC liaison to ASHA's Governmental Affairs and Public Policy Board.

Vice President for Planning

  • Monitor various operations, activities, and performances of National NSSLHA to ensure compliance with the strategic plan and achievement of National NSSLHA's mission.
  • Facilitate the infusion of multicultural issues and populations in National NSSLHA's programs.
  • Assist in developing programs for National NSSLHA members.
  • Serve as the Co-Chair of the IDEA Work Group.
  • Serve as the EC liaison to ASHA's Multicultural Issues Board.

Vice President for Programming

2 Positions: 1 for Audiology; 1 for Speech-Language Pathology

Vice Presidents for Student State Officers

4 Positions: Central Region, Northeastern Region, Southern Region, Western Region

  • Collaborate with other Vice Presidents for Student State Officers
  • Facilitate monthly calls with Student State Officers (SSOs) about current initiatives and tasks.
  • Work closely with SSOs in their region to disseminate information about National NSSLHA to chapters and members.
  • Track SSO contributions and accomplishments.
  • Recognize exceptional SSOs for their contributions and hard work.
  • Facilitate discussion, rank, and inform the EC and/or National Office about issues of concern from Student State Officers, chapters, and/or members.
  • Serve as the EC liaison to ASHA's Committee of Ambassadors, ASHA's Board of Special Interest Groups CoordinatorsASHFoundation's Board of Trustees, and/or other committees.
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